For most people, the biggest asset they own is their home. Making sure that asset is properly protected is vital. Our experienced agents take the time to review all aspects of coverage with our clients to ensure that their home is insured to value, and that they have all the extra coverage necessary to fully protect them in the event of a loss.


Some key components to a homeowners policy include:


Replacement Cost Coverage

Replacement cost coverage on your home and personal property can ensure that if you have a loss, the home will be rebuilt/repaired back to its original standards and that your contents will be replaced in today?s dollars, without deducting depreciation. Making sure a home is insured to value and qualifies for Replacement Cost Coverage requires that up-to-date replacement cost estimates be calculated. We conduct these free of charge for all new homeowners policies we write and at regular intervals for all of our existing clients.


Personal Liability Coverage

Personal Liability Coverage is often overlooked on a homeowners policy, but its importance ranks right up there with the coverage on the house itself. Personal Liability Coverage provides protection when you become legally obligated to pay damages for bodily injury or damage to someone's property because of your negligence. It will also pay to defend most suits against you, even if the allegations are false. Some examples include:


▪ Your dog may bite a neighbor or passer-by.
▪ You may accidentally injure someone else while hunting or playing golf.
▪ Someone could be injured in your swimming pool or slip and fall on your property.

The cost to increase the limits from the minimum to the maximum on a policy can be as low as $1 a month, so we take the time to review various options with our clients to make sure they are getting the most coverage available for their budget.


Enhancement Endorsements

Most homeowners carriers offer various types of endorsements that can provide numerous extra coverage at a small bundled cost. Some of these coverage's can include Back-up of Sewer and Drain Coverage, increases to base policy limits on things such as jewelry, silverware, and money and securities, and the removal of certain exclusions that may be built into the standard policy language. It is always good to consider purchasing such endorsements depending on the value it will provide to a particular insured, and we can help you sort through them to determine if they are right for you.


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