For many employers, offering Supplemental Benefits, such as Life, Disability, and Dental, is a cost-effective way to reward employees for the hard work they do, while also making it a lot harder for employees to leave the company because of the valuable benefits that come with employment. Supplemental Benefits can also be tailored to cover only particular key people within a company, as a means of providing an additional bonus on top of any performance incentives they may already receive.

In today?s tough economy, providing Supplemental Benefits has to make sense for a company?s bottom-line. That?s why at Generations Insurance, we work with the top carriers in the country to make sure our clients are receiving the best rates and benefit levels possible. For many companies, excellent rates or not, there simply may not be room in the budget for Supplemental Benefits. We also have solutions for those employers in the form of Voluntary Supplemental Benefit Plans. These plans function similar to an employer-sponsored plan, but the cost is born totally by the employee. The employee gets a valuable benefit they might not otherwise have qualified for and pays a group rate, and the employer looks good in the eyes of the employees for providing access to those valuable benefits. It?s truly a win-win for everyone involved!

Some of the many Supplemental Benefit Plans we can offer, both at an Employer-Sponsored level and a Voluntary level, include:

? Life Insurance
? Long-Term and Short-Term Disability
? Dental
? Vision
? Long-Term Care

To find out more about what we can offer your company, please give us a call at: (781) 350-4410.