As the owner of a Garage or Service Station, you are faced with a very unique set of insurance needs. Whether you own the property or lease, there are a myriad of exposures to be considered, and often, agents just don?t have the experience or the markets to adequately address your needs. That is why we created GaragePak.

GaragePak is a program designed specifically for those who run a Garage or Service Station. Through years of insuring both types of entities, we realized that there was a serious void in both coverage availability and competitive rates for most business owners that we came across. During our review of a new client?s existing policies, we would often find coverage missing, limits that were too low, and prices that were way too high. We knew that there was a major need for a program that would not only offer all of the key coverage needed to properly protect the owner of a Garage or Service Station, but also, to do so at rates that were actually affordable. GaragePak works in conjunction with the top carriers in the country writing Garages and Service Stations. It is designed to address all of the exposures that exist for a particular business, starting with a thorough review of the overall operations of the business. We then work to put together a checklist of the coverage needed, and work with our carriers to come up with the best rates available.


Some of the key coverage and benefit options of GaragePak include:

? Plans available for both repair shops and body shops, with gas or without
? Liability coverage that can meet the requirements of the strictest lease contracts
? Rates that can be 50% or greater less than your current rates
? Garagekeepers Coverage and Property and Liability Coverage available on the same policy
? Coverage for Dealer and Repair Plates
? Special Endorsements designed just for Garages and Service Stations


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