Medical Offices face unique exposures when it comes to insurance coverage for their office equipment and liability. Due to specialized equipment, property values are typically much higher than offices of other types, and making sure this equipment is fully covered is essential. Proper liability limits are also a must. Your Professional Liability coverage will not cover things such as a slip and fall claim due to a wet floor, so not having the right Premises Liability limits in place could put your whole practice in jeopardy.

MedOfficePak is a program designed by Generations Insurance to address all of the insurance needs of Medical and Dental Offices. We work with the top carriers in the country to devise insurance plans that meet the specific needs of each Medical and Dental Office we insure. It starts by getting an overview of the practice and all locations that exist. We then work with our carriers to put together a comprehensive insurance plan that includes specialty endorsements tailored just for Medical and Dental Offices. Plans can also include Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, and Excess/Umbrella policies that can round out the office?s insurance needs.

Some of the types of Medical and Dental Offices that MedOfficePak can help include:

? Physicians and Surgeons
? Oral Surgeons
? Dental Labs
? Orthodontists
? Optometrists
? Chiropractors


To find out more about the MedOfficePak Program give us a call at (781) 350-4410.