Coverage for employees' job-related injuries and illnesses is mandatory in nearly all states. This coverage is designed to compensate employees fairly while reducing or eliminating lawsuits. Aside from healthcare premiums, Workers Compensation Insurance is often the largest insurance expense annually for many businesses. Working to keep premiums to a minimum through risk management and loss control is vital for any business. Understanding how claims can affect your bottom-line, and how to help to reduce the frequency and severity of such claims, is a must.

Generations Insurance works with our clients to help them to understand the effects any prior claims are having on their premiums, while at the same time, assisting them in greatly reducing the potential for future claims. We work with the top carriers in the country to ensure that our clients are getting the best rates possible, and have voluntary carrier options for almost every type of business.


Some highlights of the plans that we have available include:

? Credits up to 25% off standard Workers Comp rates for many classes of business.
? A variety of pay plan options for most accounts.
? Pay as You Go options, where premiums are calculated and deducted each payroll period.
? Loss Assessment and Risk Management assistance available at no cost for most accounts.

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